Why the World Needs a Louisa Blog

Truth. The world doesn’t need me as much as I need it. Everyday, strange things happen to me. Gigantic wild turkeys appear out of nowhere, in downtown Cambridge peering in their reflections in office windows. Mountain gorillas in Rwanda toss me aside leaving huge gorilla prints on my fancy REI shirt. Midwives and mothers in Zambia choose me to confide in. My kayak tips over. My mother calls, or I have dinner with the Mayor of Boston. I discover a new tidbit about health, wellness, science or nutrition that I am bursting to share. I find a new gem of a dining spot. Or, simply someone somewhere has a story they trust me to be the one to tell.


I am a natural story collector, and a natural storyteller. If I don’t tell the stories I hear and see, they crowd and clamor inside my head, and make my ears ring. So, here in this cozy space, I’ll make room for new stories, musings, rants, and raves.


Clearly you don’t need this blog half as much as I do. Happy reading.