The Sweet Potato Cleanse –Day Four

It’s been two days since my last sweet potato. But I have been eating a lot of carrots. almost as many as when I got carotemia as an aspiring college-aged Macrobiotic.

Okay. I skipped a day. I was pretty embarassed that I/we had fallen of the all all-orange and yellow beta-carotene diet. It’s a private issue that I prefer green to yellow. maybe it’s that my eyes are green.

Anyway, we decided on Monday to be one with a veggie diet –the convergence of all the truly reasonable, healthy diets that I’ve read about. Heavy on veggies of all sorts, in lots of colors, low on animal fats (including, sob, cheese), a few random whole grains for crunch –rice crackers and brown rice, and a few fruity bits. We like to toss a handful of blueberries, fresh or frozen on top of the granola and non-fat yogurt parfait.

We could do this diet forever, and I suppose that’s the point. We need variety to coaxe us out of bed int he morning. If my whole day stretched before as a choice of carrots, shredded, baked, stir-fried, or slow roasted, I might be found hanging from the closet rod, with my neck tied with an Hermes scarf. I jsut cannot succeed with a diet consiting of four food choices, half of them yellow-orange.

We also decided to add a little alcohol into the dinenr ritual of veggie soup, veggied entree, fruit for dessert. a single glass (non-refillable!) of red or white wine. It does wonders for the spirit. And it means that Michael who was always slightly blotto after dinner and his half and my half of a bottle of wine, is awake and chipper until long after John Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

I’ve unearthed my vegetarian cookbooks and all my soup recipes. So far the winner is an “un-stuffed” cabbage soup a la Jane Brody. Excellent! Lots of cabbage (natch), a hint of honey, a scattering of raisins, and some tomato sauce and lemon. Sweet sour, filling, and marvelously worth eating.

We can do this. We may not be purists, but we can lose weight together. Tomorrow I’ll start making sweet potatoes again.

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