The sweet Potato Cleanse- Day Two

This is not going well. Michael refused the yummy sweet potato I baked for breakfast and wouldn’t even try the charming coleslaw I whipped up as a crunchy complement to the carrot and ginger soup. He’s not talking during meals and for an almost annoyingly genial man, he isn’t smiling at me. 36 hours and counting. Dinner. Well, I didn’t have to count too long. We’ve tried to keep oursleves busy and abstemious. At the ICA today in the Wolfgang Puck cafe the two of us had a cup of plain tea each, demoralizing our friends who really wanted to order the rustic free-form pizza. (It did look very good.) We went to the exhibit, did a little shopping, kept ourselves entertained by going to a play at the Lyric Stage, and then tossed each other under the bus. After the play, we went for dinner at Avila where we went with our friends so we could  dissect the play and our extremely fascinating personal lives. What were we supposed to do? Deny our friends a good meal and companionship on a Saturday night?

No carrots on the menu. The only sweet potatoes were fried….so, we sinned. Although, we both had fish and were heavy on the vegetables. Mine was fantastic. A whole crispy fish, stuffed with arugala and taro chunks). And when Michael mindlessly picked up a slice, with the speed of a frog snaring a fly,  I grabbed out of his hand and returned it to the bread basket. Okay, so he  celebrated 40 hours of near abstinence with a creme brulee. It was Saturday night.

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