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Who knew there were so many men in Cambridge who know all the words to La Vie en Rose?

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

Last week I went to a dinner cabaret at Rialto Restaurant that still has me humming. The food was lovely –natch–but the event was simply delightful. Dinner and a show, an old fashioned one at that. Tables of 8’s and 10’s, arranged around the room with space for a singer and her four piece back up band. She was a wonderful, husky Armenian chanteuse–Julie? Julie? What is her last name that ends in -tanian?–who moved through romantic international classics, as Charles Aznavour (himself a French/Armenian) seduced New Yorkers in the 60’s. She sang Never On Sunday, Que Sera Sera, (I even managed to squeak out part of the chorus when the microphone was thrust under my nose), an Armenian song, a gypsy melody, a Russian ballad, and a little Sinatra for good measure. Perfect strangers became friends.Men in tweeds and bow ties stood up to sing, soulfully, occasionally knocking over their wine glasses. The pianist (who is also the singer’s husband) took a bow. The violinist smiled, the percussionist nodded.

The next event at Rialto is a Tango night this coming Wednesday, Feb 11. I’m on it. A hip hop cabaret comes next in March on the 10th. I’m up for that one too. You know, you forget, you fall into a rut about forms of entertainment…it’s so rare to have an almost cheek-to-cheek moment with a live performer.