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October 2008 Cooking Light on Where to Eat Out Gluten Free

Thursday, October 9th, 2008

Check out my latest piece in Cooking Light magazine on where to dine out gluten free!

Here’s a link to the story.


The Mother In Laws Cookbook

Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

Every family needs to eat, but only the luckiest families live to eat. Our families are two of the lucky ones.
As mothers who love to cook, it is a great joy that our children have found each other, and joined our kitchens together in the process. Almost from our first meeting at Katie and Motty’s graduation in Philadelphia, we suspected that we would end up cooking together.

We come from different traditions, different countries, and live on different coasts. What we share is our belief that good food really matters. Whether our kids were buzzing around as we cooked in Russia, Israel, California, or in Cambridge and Switzerland, eating in restaurants or in the back of restaurant kitchens, they learned that a meal is much more than sustenance. To us, food is edible art––a way to appreciate and perpetuate family and history, culture and creativity. The real plus: Cooking is our idea of fun.

Neither of us are “recipe” cooks. We cook from instinct rather than measurement, and love the adventure of trying out a new dish, or tinkering with a familiar one. So, coming up with standard recipes was a bit of a stretch. We polled the kids––all six were enlisted in
the process––asking them to list the dishes that they considered “Mom’s Classics.” With their help and encouragement, we translated pinches into teaspoons, bigger pinches into tablespoons, and “some” into half cups and cups.
Some of the recipes we’ve included are so simple we wonder why anyone would need a recipe. Others are complicated productions well worth the extra effort. We’ve also included some of the best of the best from friends and family.
What do we really hope for? That Katie and Motty will carry on the family tradition of cooking together, cooking for each other, cooking for their friends, for their family, and their future.
With love,
Louisa Kasdon & Helena Klots
Mothers-of-the Bride & Groom